The Real Value Of Custom Home Bars

There are certain features to a home that provide the home owner and their guests with a certain sense of sophistication and festiveness. When entertaining guests, there is a certain atmosphere that is expected by guests but often is lacking by the owner. It is a sense of ambiance. Most parties are thrown on back patios or in less favorable weather in a living room at best. These moments full of laughter and drinking should be accompanied with a corresponding environment. Custom home bars allow homeowners to transform an area of their home into a beautiful, crisp and warm area of entertainment and relaxation. Impressive in size and appearance, these not only improve the impact of an event, but also the overall value of a home as well.


Features available in custom home bars


The reason that custom home bars flatter a kitchen or finished basement area so well is that they are formed entirely around the needs of the user. No one size fits all and bars can be formed to accommodate the storage needs as well as the display needs of the owner. Whether it is an impressive display of liquors, expensive collection of wines, or even certain collectibles such as beer steins, homeowners can proudly display their items in a beautiful showcase of wood and glass. Straight counters, rounded counter or geometrical designs can be chosen to seat guests and can be finished with a variety of counter tops from wood, laminate granite, even glass. Bring back a certain decade through the choice of lighting and stools, bring to life a collection or hobby such as Harley Davidson or a sports bar theme, or choose a classic look with wooden armed bar stools and fabric cushions. Incorporate mirrors, flat screen televisions for games, and coolers to really bring the piece alive. There is a limitless amount of possibilities to satisfy the style and budgets of anyone seeking custom home bars.


Price of Custom Home Bars


Since there are so many variables that contribute the final version of a custom home bar, it is important to understand the costs and the features that cause it to fluctuate. The size of the bar will be the first cost determinant. A small bar area allows for more money to be spent on the counter, if it is not already a part of the piece, and the display/shelving on the wall behind the counter. The bar base is the most expensive piece of the set, so sacrificing a few feet can help bring other dreams of a custom home bar to life. Adding a sink or other plumbing to the piece if it is not already available can also inflate cost. Choose the features needed first and additional those that are additional as the budget permits.


The Impact of Custom Home Bars on Home value


Making the investment to equip a home with a custom bar is one that financially rewards a homeowner later on. Bars are as desirable in a home as a pool, with a fraction of the maintenance and no increase in homeowner’s insurance. Additions such as these also serve as a great bargaining tool when asking for a certain price.People love having a bar in their home.

Review the areas a bar would suit a home. Consider how family and friends are currently entertained. Custom home bars bring fun, personality and value to the living space that a homeowner already has but is not fully enjoying.