Dream Homes in Phoenix, AZ

dream homesDream homes are created for the people who will live in them from the foundation to the roof. Although the construction process is the same, everyone working on the house knows who will move into the dwelling once it is finished. This makes the project special. Skilled technicians work for the homeowner. Every product selected and used through this process is designed to perform, pamper or please the people who will dwell inside these four walls.

Workers on Dream Homes

Skilled technicians who build these products always take pride in their work. The construction process becomes even more meaningful with custom homes. When the framer pounds nails, he or she is thinking of the building protecting the occupants for decades. As the roofer glues the flashing around the fireplace on one of the dream homes, this specialist visualizes the flickering fire on cold nights. These professionals imagine the owner or owners living there. They see the studious male paying bills in the home office. They imagine the delight of the timid female who hesitantly asked if the dining room paint color could be lightened when she sees the new pale blue. Even the woodworker installing the Maple stair rails wonders how many children will dent the wood in the years to come. These special homes allow everyone to thing about the future.

Dream Homes and their Products

No longer does the general contractor just pick up the telephone and order standard materials and products hoping some future buyer likes these choices. During the process of designing dream homes, the new owner selects what goes inside. Cherry kitchen cabinets, white slabs of granite, bamboo flooring and energy efficient alliances are selected and wait to be installed. Even decisions like individual plumbing runs from the manifold to stabilize water pressure and low flush toilets to reduce water use have been analyzed. Dream homes reflect the owners’ personalities, tastes and views.

When people choose custom housing, their decisions affect many lives. The skilled workers who turn material and products into homes are delighted to know the people who will enjoy their labors of love. All the components from light fixtures to HVAC systems are carefully selected for fashion statements and efficiency. Dream homes are built to please their owners.