Due Diligence on High End Custom Home Builders

high end custom homesIf you have made the decision to work with high end custom home builders with the dream in mind of construction a perfectly luxurious new home for your family to live in, you are not alone. So many people today want to find that extra touch of luxury and customization in their next home that you simply cannot find by purchasing an existing home. You no doubt understand fully that finding the right builder to help you with your new build project will make all the difference to you in the final outcome of the project, and so you do want to check out some of the references of the builders you are considering using.

Asking High End Custom Home Builders for References

Many people in your shoes will make the decision to check out the references of various high end custom home builders fairly early on in the interview process. You can often tell a lot about a builder simply by the number of references they provide to you. Keep in mind that the photos of completed homes on a website are likely their best work, and quotes from happy clients on a website have been carefully chosen before being published online. When you ask for a list of additional references, you will want to get names, addresses of the properties, and phone numbers or email addresses. If a company is truly proud of their work and has the experience to handle the type of high end job you are interested in getting done, the list will have more than a couple addresses on it and companies will not be shy about providing contact information either.

Talking to Past Clients of High End Custom Home Builders

With the list of references in hand, you will want to pick at least a few to contact for each of the high end custom home builders you are considering working with. Consider preparing a list of questions to ask before you make the calls. Some questions worth asking are if the process was enjoyable, if the results they got were what was promised, if there were any issues that you may want to watch out for yourself, and if the project was completed on time and on budget. Many people will be more than happy to talk to you about their experiences, and some may even invite you into their home to take a look around.

Checking references of high end custom home builders is a “must,” and these tips can help you do a thorough job of checking those references.