Energy Efficient New Home Builders Phoenix

There are many new home builders phoenix who would like to cut down on utility bills in the future. The best way to achieve this goal is by making your new home energy efficient. Advances in new materials and building processes have made building an energy efficient home very cost effective. A smart builder understands the need to build a home with better technology features and ergonomic floor designs. Planning ahead is the key to getting it right. The following are some of the energy efficient ideas you can incorporate into your new home.

New Home Builders Phoenix

New Home Builders Phoenix Should Install Radiant Barriers

The exterior walls of a house lose a lot of heat through radiation. If you install radiation barriers, the work load for your AC system will be reduced. In fact you will only need to install a smaller AC system that costs less. Radiant barriers work by reflecting more than 99 percent of infrared radiation that carries heat from your outer walls. New home builders phoenix should make sure these barriers are placed under the brick veneer and the cement siding on the second floor. Radiant barriers work as well during winter by preventing heat loss from your home. To avoid problems with mold, these barriers have small perforations to allow the wall to breathe.

New Home Builders Phoenix Should Install Energy Efficient Windows

According to a study carried out by the Texas Window Initiative, 46 percent of energy loss in a home can be attributed to windows. You cannot afford to ignore this major loss considering energy costs are set to rise 15 percent every year for the next 10 years. The majority of new home builders phoenix should switch to high performance low E vinyl window s to make their homes energy efficient. To further make heat loss a thing of the past, thermal break window frames should be installed. These are designed to minimize heat and cold transfer.

New Home Builder Phoenix Should Install Foam Insulation

While installing this type of insulation is more expensive, lower utility bills over time will pay back the initial cost. Ensure you install foam insulation throughout your house for maximum protection against heat loss. This type of insulation is also the best way of controlling the quality of air inside your house.

To reap maximum benefit, you should only buy energy efficient household appliances. The bottom line for new home builders phoenix is making savings on utility bills over time.