Getting the Right Certified Home Builder

certified home buildersIt is important for families to look for the right certified home builders since they are the means for them to build their dream house, where they can have rest. A home is the largest investment for families so they must have good judgments in finding home builders. They should not be overwhelmed by merely outward things such as amenities, floor plan, and community. While those things also count, they must first look into the builder’s credibility and construction quality.

Unlike buying common items like clothes, groceries, and other materials, purchasing a home should be taken into serious consideration. Home buyers need to choose a builder that displays professionalism, expertise in construction, and commitment to the customer.

Requirements Of Certified Home Builders

In searching for the right certified home builder, clients must look into the following requirements:

Three Years Minimum Experience In Home Building

In any field, experience is very important. Aside from the knowledge and skills of building homes, a home builder must possess management skills in running a company. Three or more years of experience should be enough for a home builder to master home building and management skills.

Home Building Is Their Full-time Job

The construction of a new home should not be done by people who only do it on the side. Always look for professional full-time home builders. Do not compromise the quality of the construction with the saving of money.

Following The Homeowner Handbook Standards

Builder’s contract must offer a warranty program and performance guidelines after selling the home. Do not forget to review the warranty program and guidelines before signing the contract.

With Approved Limited Warranty

The limited warranty should be crystal clear on what is included and what is not covered in the sale of the home. This contract should be in writing. Again, review it first carefully before signing it.

Provide Mandatory Binding Arbitration
The home builder shows their commitment in solving unprecedented problems with the home owner by providing mandatory binding arbitration. This is not obligated but a professional builder will surely offer it.

Maintain Insurance Coverages

It is costly to maintain insurance but it is recommended for investment protections. Insurance coverages include general liability, builder’s risk, and others.

Provide Written References

Builders of homes perform well if they take extra efforts in providing written references from trade contractors, financial institution, material suppliers, other builders, and home owners.

Passed The Exam On Approved Building Codes

Make sure that the builder passed the exam on building codes, the basic requirement to ensure if the home is constructed properly.

Other Requirements

Aside from the mentioned requirements, professional home builders also need to provide warranty procedures in customer service and allow inspections of the home. Furthermore, they must be continuing their building education, members of homebuilders association, and adhering to standards of customer service.

Searching for the great certified home builders is never easy. Home buyers need to exert efforts in looking for those necessary requirements.