Impressive Luxury Home Designs For Inexperienced Homebuyers

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The process of building luxury home designs from scratch can be challenging and time consuming. Most people will not have time to browse through thousands of plans. Consumers can eliminate this hassle by reading further and learning about three basic types of home plans.

European Home Plans

For those that desire a touch of the past, European home plans are an excellent choice. The houses are typically 1 to 2 stories and well-suited for large lots. They offer a historical look that resembles the architecture of the Old World. The exterior finish can be made either out of stone, brick siding or stucco. The homes can be distinguished by the copper roofs atop bayed windows and stylish keystones.

Mediterranean Luxury Home Designs

Mediterranean house plans will resemble the architecture of luxury home designs in Italy and Spain. Consumers that desire a European style will find comfort in these stylish homes. They are typically only built with one level. However, they are large enough to accommodate a family of any size. The sizes can range anywhere from 1792 Sq. Feet all the way up to majestic mansions of 8319 Sq. Feet. These homes are ideal for people that live in the Southern region where the climate is warm and the sunshine is abundant.

Sunbelt Luxury Home Designs

These splendid home designs will cater to those that live in the warmer regions. Families will be able to enjoy comfort and prestige under red clay tile roofs, which are able to endure tremendous heat. The exterior walls are what set them apart from the other luxury home designs. The homes are typically made of wood or concrete block and finished with a stucco facade. White and other pastel colors will give a striking appearance, which will make them the envy of the from neighborhood. Most of them will only be designed for one level, however two levels are not uncommon. There are different sizes to meet the needs of a family. A couple will have plenty of space with two bedrooms and one bathroom. Others can take advantage of five bedroom houses complete with swimming pools and garages.

Shopping for a dream home demands more work than one may think. There are thousands of them on the market, which come in different shapes and sizes. Consumers can reduce this time consuming process by learning about three basic types. Being educated about luxury home designs is the best way to make buying decisions much easier.