WHEN YOU HAVE DECIDED to invest a substantial sum of money in a new home, you want to be sure that builder you select will construct a home that reflects the kind of investment you are making. You want to assurance that your home will bespeak quality and craftsmanship to even the casual observer, inside and outside.
For your investment, you expect a home that represents a good value today, and that will increase in value over the years, thus providing you a fair return on the investment you are making.
If these are the things that you expect from a custom builder, then you already recognize the value of choosing a master builder to construct your next home.
Before you select the builder for your home, you owe it to yourself to consult with Century Custom Homes- Master Builders for over 25 years.

The master builders at Century Custom Homes work with their clients to design a home that exactly fits their needs and lifestyle. They engineer the home to ensure quality and durability. Then they oversee every craftsman in each step of the construction process to ensure that your home will be a lasting symbol of your good taste and your appreciation of quality.


In the middle ages, the most critical element in construction was the masonry, and the most important of the trades employed by the master builders were the stone masons and the mortar mixers.
The same is true today, even though very few home are constructed of stone, masonry s the principal construction element. Century Custom Homes goes to great lengths to ensure that their masonry work will stand up to the harsh Arizona climate for many generations to come.

Arizona’s warm, dry air presents particular challenges for enduring masonry. Concrete foundations dry much too quickly here. This leads to cracks, some of which can be immediately apparent, while others can take years to appear. To eliminate cracking, Century Custom Homes waters foundations and walls for up to 28 days to slow the hardening process and give the concrete more than ample time to properly cure. Foundations and floors are reinforced with steel rebar and keyways, and copper water lines are sleeved to prevent corrosion.

In Arizona, much of today’s masonry is stucco which presents its own set of challenges. Stucco is a highly caustic, alkaline material when it is applied. If it is overly alkaline, it will damage subsequent paint layers over time. The master builders of Century Custom Homes painstakingly measure the pH (alkalinity) of the stucco and appropriately adjust the formulation of paint to ensure that the final surface will be a lasting one.
As a final assurance of a crack and chip free masonry surface, every Century Custom Home is covered with a specialized elastomeric paint to avoid the toll taken by rain and sun. Your home will retain the beautiful appearance of the stucco over time.

Inside a typical Century Custom home, you will find another form of quality craftsmanship in the decorative arches and columns that add distinction to each room. In a Century Custom custom home, you will not find pre-fabricated materials used. Each of these details is created by hand, by an experienced, highly skilled craftsman.


It is said that the most visible mark of quality construction is the carpentry. Like the mason, the carpenter also traces his history to the middle ages and the master builders of that time.

The most important carpentry is invisible once the structure has been complete. However, the master builders at Century Custom Homes specific the use of only the highest quality, premium grade framing lumber and frame every house with 2×6 (not 2×4) studs.

Visible carpentry today takes the form of cabinetry, moldings and trim. Century Custom Homes places very exacting standers on their carpenters. Every join and seam must be a perfect fit.

The Crowning Touch-The Roof

Roofs are the most vulnerable part of any structure. The roof is constantly exposed to the elements leading to leaks that damage far more than just the roof. The master builders of Century Custom Homes go to extreme length to ensure that roof leaks will not develop now, or in the future.

The most popular roofs in Arizona are the Spanish style tile roof and the territorial flat roof. Both present unique challenges and can be more susceptible to failures than shingle roofs, unless extreme care is exercised.
Roof tiles are purely decorative. The key to a long lasting, leak free tile roof is the roofing material and construction under the tile, not the tile itself.

A territorial roof requires even greater expertise. Not only must the roofing material be meticulously applied, but the roof must also be precisely pitched to prevent any accumulation of water.
Century Custom Homes is very selective in their choice of roofing craftsmen and their work is supervised very closely.

As a final assurance, every tile roof is subjected to high pressure water testing before the tile is applied in order to detect even the smallest leak, and a similar procedure is used to ensure that flat roofs are totally free from leaks.

The Key To Genuine Quality- The Crafts and Trades

The master builders at Century Custom Homes realize that without the highest quality craftsmen, they could not build homes that meet their, and your, standards for quality and reliability. Century Custom Homes is committed to hiring only proven craftsmen, who have demonstrated that they are fully committed to the same high standards, supervision and guidance.

The master builders at Century Custom Homes have been fortunate to develop solid on-going relationships with the acknowledged best craftsmen in every discipline, many of whom have been with them for over fifteen  years.

Pride, The Mark of The True Master Builder

We take particular pride in having been selected as the Custom Home Builder of the Year, by the people who know the work of builders best-the craftsmen. These craftsmen work on a daily basis with a variety of builders and know first hand the quality and workmanship that goes into a particular builder’s home. That’s why it means so much to the master builders of Century Custom Homes, that the American Subcontractors Association of Arizona selected Century Custom Homes, from among all the Valley’s custom builders, as the best.

Value-The True Test Of The Master Builder

Before you select just any custom builder to construct your new home, you owe it to yourself to talk to Century Custom Homes. You may find that a master build Century Custom home doesn’t have to cost you more than a typical custom home built in the usual way. You will definitely find that when you choose a master built home by Century Custom Homes, you get a great deal more for your investment.

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