Tips for Buyers of Designer Homes

Designers home tips that work

designer homesDesigner homes in Arizona are becoming more and more popular today. Obviously your house should reflect your personality in addition to simply providing a roof over your head. Having a good home is important, as it is a place you can bring guests and also relax following a long day at work.

There are some builders that do customized work based on what the customer wants, instead of merely building a huge neighborhood of identical houses. Many people are using these builders today. If you decide to, here are 6 guidelines for getting the home you want.

Be involved in the designer homes process

You need to be closely involved in the process to be certain everything is according to specifications. Otherwise, the home could get finished and you might find out that it was not completed according to how you wanted it.

Pick a theme

There are many different styles of designer homes out there (i.e. country, traditional, contemporary, etc). One thing some people like to do is pick a different one for individual rooms. Should you have kids, you might want ones for them as well. Therefore, you could potentially have a number of different themes within the same house. However, at least knowing the general look you are going for is important, as this will give you a target to shoot for.

Choose a budget

It is very important to pick a price point you are not willing to go over. This will give you a guiding point to help you decide what to include and what to stay away from in the home. If you do not do this before the house starts, you could end up in the middle of it only to find that you are spending far more than you can afford. This is a mistake many designer homes owners make that could easily have been avoided.

Think about what you need

First and foremost, a home should be functional-not just stylish. Make sure it is big enough, and has enough room for all the furniture you require.

Do not forget about lighting

This is something a lot of people do not think much about. Instead of having one single strong light in the center of the room, consider spreading out a number of low voltage light bulbs to give the room a consistent feeling throughout the entire thing.

Choose a subdued paint color

Some people try to be unique and go with a bright color, but in general the best looking colors are more laid back. While each room does not have to be the same color, try to use colors that complement each other throughout the home.


If you want a custom home, there are a number of things you must factor in. Use these designer homes tips, and you will get the house you want shortly.